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I, the above mentioned enter into a confidentiality agreement with Envirotech Façade Solutions Pty Ltd ABN: 161138073631 the applicant and the entity the applicant is representing.

In consideration of Envirotech Façade Solutions Pty Ltd(EFS) disclosing confidential information that has a unique value to EFS that would prejudice EFS by any unauthorized use or disclosure of the confidential information or preclude EFS from being granted patents , or may suffer financial loss as a result of unauthorised disclosure or unauthorised use of confidential information the applicant acknowledges that the all information supplied by EFS is confidential and therefore accept responsibility for and guarantee to protect and not to disclose to third parties , except in the normal course of business , any and all information supplied by EFS.

Confidential information in this agreement covers (but is not limited too) designs , drawings , price information , product knowledge , research & development , trade secrets , formulations , devices , marketing plans , technical secrets , project specific advice , testing , test reports ,method or process of manufacture and computer programs.

EFS make no warranty nor representation that the confidential information supplied is fit for any particular purpose.

EFS continue to place significant investment in both aluminium and thermally broken aluminium technology’s and developments and as such the applicant should take all necessary steps to prevent the disclosure and use of any confidential information supplied by EFS. The agreement shall be effective when clicking on the ‘submit’ after first checking that you accept the terms of this confidentiality agreement.

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Envirotech Facade Solutions have an extensive range of Australian designed and tested commercial and semi commercial window systems available. These systems are available in both alum..
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